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My Seven Simple Moving Home Tips to Keep You Sane!

It’s the end of the school year and you can almost smell the packing boxes, bubble wrap and masking tape in every neighborhood. It’s moving season once again!

No move is ever easy! Whether you are moving into the apartment across the hall, into a house across town, whether you are up-sizing or down-sizing; there is always stress, arguments and missing boxes!

Here are my favorite Simple Seven Rules of home moving to keep you sane – almost

First admit to yourself that no matter how much you plan and how well organized you are, you are still going to find yourself standing in your empty old home surrounded by a pile of hangers, a nervous dog and two boxes that couldn’t fit in the moving truck, desperately looking for your packing list and your glasses! Once you’ve admitted that you can’t manage or control EVERYTHING, you can now try to get a handle on your move.

1. A move is the perfect time to downsize everything you own!

Use the old three box trick: Mark one box: KEEP, a second box: THROW and the third box: DONATE. Now examine your stuff in each room and be ruthless. The rule is: throw and donate more than you keep!

2. Pack intelligently! On a room-by-room basis you should first be packing all out-of-season and/or seldom used items (winter clothing, school books, etc.). Pack, close and label these boxes as soon as you can, don’t wait for the last minute.

Pack enough clothing and immediate necessities (summer clothing, medicines, passports and the like) for at least five days in suitcases. Suitcases are easy to pack and unpack and will be distinguishable from boxes.

Once the movers descend and they will be less likely to take the suitcases along with the boxes. You should be moving these suitcases, along with your valuables and highly delicate items, yourself!

3. Pack light! Don’t weigh down your boxes. It is better to pack many smaller, lighter boxes, especially book boxes, than stuff a large box. Over-packed boxes can split and break and damage your property. Keep in mind that you may have to move boxes around in your new home. Lighter boxes will be better for you and your back!

4. Keep a check list and number every box. You do not want a box forgotten in a hidden corner of your old home or on the moving truck.

5. Valuables and delicate items. I warmly recommend you remove all your valuables to a safe place before the move, preferably in a family or friend’s home. This way they are out of sight and are one less thing to worry about.

Delicate items can be divided into several categories. Plants should be brought to your new home in advance and placed out of the pathway of the movers. You should move (not the movers) all your delicate glass items, mirrors, picture frames and the like. If you decide to move them into your new home prior to the big move, these items should be placed out of the pathway of the movers.

6. Pets. Cats and dogs can become skittish and nervous in the weeks leading up to the move. Keep animals as calm as possible.

I warmly suggest that dogs be taken to family members, friends or neighbors – that know the animal – out of the way of the movers from just before the movers are due to arrive and until the movers have left the new home. Then bring your dog home and give her/him some TLC!

In general, cats need their territory, cat litter box, etc. and therefore I recommend that you bring the cat to the new home prior to the move and keep her/him in a closed room with the cat litter box and food and water until the ruckus is over.

7. Keep everyone happy. Make sure you have drinks, cups, toilet paper, wipes and paper towels on hand for both yourselves and the movers in both your old home and your new home. Make sure the air-conditioning is turned on in your new home. It will make everyone a little less hot and tired!

Oh yeah and order pizza the night of the move – your day has been hectic enough!

I’ve heard of a wonderful little tradition connected to moving. Before moving into a new home bring two candles, a small bag of salt and a small bag of sugar. This symbolizes that your new home should always have light, food and sweetness.

Planning a move this summer? This is a great time to update a room or purchase some great new accessories to upgrade any room in your new home. Let me help you find incredible accessories at sensible prices. Contact me today for full service details!

Yael Diamond, Interior Designer and Project Manager, specializes in consulting, planning and designing private residences, elite apartments, offices, and public business. You can follow Yael on

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