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​ 10 Great Tips to WINTERIZE your home!

Just like our cars, our homes need to be winterized to function effectively and be energy efficient. Don’t wait until the first storm to find out that your home is not ready for winter.

Here are some great tips to think about when checking your home:

1. Walk from room to room and check for drafts around to windows and doors.

  • ​Replace old window stripping or even the entire window to ensure that your room can be heated (and cooled) efficiently.

  • Doors can be resealed around the hinges and an anti-draft strip attached to the bottom of the front door.

2. Look for signs of dampness in ceilings, especially around ceiling corners.

  • If you can, move your wall closets to check for damp.

3. Roofs: have a professional check for cracks in the sealant or problems with the shingles.

  • Clean our gutters from leaves and debris.

4. Air conditioner units: wash all filters and vents, check electrical cords and plugs.

5. Clean out fireplaces.

6. Ceiling fans: if your fan has reversible blade direction capabilities, reverse them to draw warm air downwards.

7. Prepare a black out emergency kit containing candles, matches, bottles of water, flash lights and batteries and store in an easy-to-reach-in-the-dark drawer or shelf.

8. Prepare your garden: trim tree branches and any high bushes to prevent branches and the like from falling during a storm and hitting powerlines, cars or people.

9. Garden light fixtures: examine all garden light fixtures. Make sure there are no cracks in the light fixture or cuts or tears in the electrical wiring.

10. Install/attach surge protectors on electronic and electric devices and appliances to protect against electric surges and lighting strikes.

11. Open porches, utility porches, bathroom windows and back doors are all sources of drafts – consider installing (better) windows or sealing off open passages with clear plastic.

NOW is the perfect time to winterize your home - before the first “true” rains. Do you have any questions and suggestions – drop me a line!

Yael Diamond, Interior Designer and Project Manager, specializes in consulting, planning and designing private residences, elite apartments, offices, and public business. You can follow Yael on

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