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Want a house full of luscious plants? Use my 4 rules of a green thumb!

It's almost Tu B'shvat and along with dreams of seedlings and young plants, you may also have dreams of a house or a room or a corner full of luscious plants to give your home a warm inviting feeling. Do you have problems keeping house plants alive? Follow my simple tips.

1. Know your sun and light!

Know what direction your windows face and kind of light you have throughout your home. Southern exposure? Northern? Eastern/western? Full direct sunlight? Full light but no direct sunlight? Very little natural light?

Rooms with a southern exposure and full light / no direct sunlight are your best rooms for house plants: southern exposure are great for plants that need good light throughout the day – including potted trees; many many varieties of in-door plants need light – but are not too happy living in direct sun light!

2. Know your rooms!

Once you know you rooms and light – you’ll know rooms will have the best chance to keep your plants alive and happy! Next keep to one simple rule – which of these rooms do you most frequent on an every-day basis? If your best light is in a room you visit only once a week – you may forget to water the plants (sounds familiar?). I believe kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms – light permitting – are the best for plants.

3. Know your water!

Think about how you will water your plants. If you intend to water them where they live, make sure the plates underneath the pots can hold the amount of water draining from the plants. If you need to move the plants to say a sink or shower to water them – you find it all too much work and – yes – they’ll die!

Next don’t hang plants or position them in places that are difficult to reach. If it’s not easy to water and care for them – they’ll die.

Do what I do – put a permanent reminder in your phone to water your plants on a regular basis – this way my phone never forgets and my plants are happy!

4. Go to a local plant nursery!

Now take all you information and a diagram of your home and go to your local plant nursery and talk to the owner about the best plants for your home. Ask about sunlight/natural light requirements, frequency of watering, possible problems with children or pets. Now - start off slow – and buy just a plant or two to begin with.

Looking for some no fuss no watering (!) plants? Check out airplants. You'll love them!

Check out these great links for perfect houseplant choices:

One more note – it takes between 4-6 weeks and a year (!) for a house plant to acclimate itself to its new home!

Now go out there and populate your house with luscious plants!!!!!

Yael Diamond, Interior Designer and Project Manager, specializes in consulting, planning and designing private residences, elite apartments, offices, and public business. You can follow Yael on


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