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Do you feel you need a change in your bedroom?  

Do you wish to replace your kitchen?

Have you ever wanted to add an additional space to your living room?

Do you want to renovate, but don't know how to start?

You have come to the right place... 

Accompanying & Supervising


  • Personalized accompanying to selected shops and business
  • Attending all meetings with professional consultants & craftsmen, and lighting & furniture specialists 
  • Selecting all materials, accessories, appliances and furniture
  • Supervising the process on-site during execution



  • Preliminary planning with the clients

  • Space and floor architectural plans

  • Kitchen Plans

  • Bathrooms plans

  • Carpentry plans

  • 3D images



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The first stage to set the wheels in motion, is a consulting meeting with the designer.  This meeting is designed to understand the needs, desires, style, priorities, and budget.


The consulting meetings allow you to learn from the extensive experience and know-how of the designer, in order to better plan the project, and save precious time and money, during the actual execution of the project.


It is a brainstorming session where you describe all your dreams, desires, dilemmas and limitation, which leads to the best solution whilst bridging all gaps.


A written summary is issued which includes a detailed list of recommendations, including:

  • A list of desires, prioritized according to necessity and budget;

  • Recommendation how to re-design the space;

  • Recommendations of house decorating and appliance stores;

  • Recommendation of proficient & reliable professionals;

  • A follow-up check by phone and e-mail;


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