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Yael Diamond Interior Architecture & Design


Yael Diamond, Interior Designer and Project Manager, specializes in consulting, planning and designing private residences, elite apartments, offices, and public business.


With over 20 years of experience in various management positions, and certified couples and family coach, Yael Diamond’s experience and skills gives Interior Design a double meaning.


BA Graduate, the Open University, Israel


Graduate of “Ultima” School of Design, Israel

I Believe in:

  • Meticulous and Accurate Planning

  • Functional and Aesthetic Design

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • The combination between material, colors and styles

  • The ability to fulfill aspirations, whilst bridging gaps between desires and limitations

  • A wise investment of time and money

My mission is to create a place, a space that you would always love to come back to, focus on making you dream come true, and realizing your unique life-style to live in.


Choosing the most suitable option for you, out of the various design styles, and manage the project along with you.


In other words: Making a wise investment of time and money designing your exclusive and unique place.

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